To all branch chiefs of NIKO

To All Branch Chiefs of NIKO

We appreciate your support and encouragement during this past year.

The next world Karate championship tournament is slated to be held in Kazakhstan in 2018. We are now making plans to send some Karate practitioners from Japan to participate in the tournament, as well. We are looking forward to seeing all of you in Kazakhstan.
Starting in 2018, NIKO intends to step up its efforts and activities outside Japan. In addition to the summer camp which we hold in Denmark every year and the world championship which is held every two years, NIKO plans to concentrate on a techniques seminar taught in person by KANCHO Hidenori Ashihara. Let’s all continue to study Ashihara Karate, with the goal of being life-long practitioners of our martial art!

These days, there are some websites being operated on the Internet by Karate groups in countries outside Japan, using the name Ashihara. Some websites post information that seems to confuse NIKO with other groups. Please note that these other sites have nothing to do with NIKO.
NIKO is the only Karate group that pursues and promotes Sabaki (the original Ashihara Karate techniques), which were established by the previous president, Hideyuki Ashihara, and continued by his son Hidenori Ashihara. NIKO pursues the spirit of Japanese martial arts. We believe that the essence of the martial arts is to be true to one’s own beliefs while improving oneself by training both body and mind. Let’s continue to pursue Sabaki-Do together, united as NIKO members.
Please continue to carry out our NIKO activities and take pride in the NIKO Black Belt, the evidence of the power of Ashihara Sabaki techniques. Osu

26th December 2017
Kancho Hidenori Ashihara

To all branch chiefs of NIKO from Kancho

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