img_j002Late Kancho Hideyuki Ashihara is known as an existed character in the series of comic books
“Karate Baka Ichidai”. The legendary Karateka called devoted himself to the pursuit of the most rational and logical karate and founded New International Karate Organization ASHIHARA KARATE in 1980 to continue his work.
Now his son, Kancho Hidenori Ashihara leads the members to carry out the intentions of his father’s wish for further development of Ashihara Karate.
There are over 160 branches in Japan and over 170 branches overseas.

ASHIHARA KARATE for next generation

img002“Safe and enjoyable Karate for everyone”
A physical and mental balance is the ultimate aim of karate and we believe it can be a basic strategy to
lead your life in the society.
ASHIHARA KARATE has been pursuing its “Rational Performance from the body” over 30 years. Based on the past training and experiences, we always try to provide the students with a safe environment for development.
There are different ways to learn karate, depending on age and physical strength.
We have many courses for total beginners to advanced level.
A stronger body, built through trainings and efforts, gives you the real strength in every way.
To experience the difficulties and to learn how to deal with them will tell you about the confidence to face any situation in your social life.
“Better Karate, Better Tomorrow!”
Never forget that you have many friends practicing the same ASHIHARA KARATE all over the world.


ASHIHARA Principles

  • Politeness
  • Everyday Efeeorts
  • Highter Spirit and Highter Techniques
  • Keep Challenging
  • Review Your Day
  • Better Karate.Better Life

Nasic Objectives

  • Better Forrn:Up the Balance!
  • Faster:Up the Speed!
  • Stronger:Up the Power!
  • Higher Techniques:Up the Skill!

Basic Objectives

  • Self Development through ASHIHARA KARATE
  • ASHIHARA KARATE Changes Your Life!

ASHIHARA KARATE:Safe Karate for Everone

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