SABAKI CAMP 2015 held in Denmark.

This year again Kancho Ashihara visited Denmark for the international Summer camp. The camp was held at the Bosei sports centre, in Prasto. The camp started July 2 and finished July 5 with trainings 3 times a day.

There were participants from Japan, Norway, Sweden, Russia, Romania, Tieck republic , Spain, Dubai and Denmark.

All in all there were 180 students and Branch Chief´s at the camp.

Kancho had two Japanese members with him, one of his Branch Chief´s , Kosa sensei and his leading trainer at So Honbu, Hara Shihan Dai.

During the trainings Kancho showed his newest ideas, about basic´s and selfdefense sabaki.

Saturday a grading test was held, witch Kancho over looked. Kancho stated that the technical level of the students was very good.

At a special training Kancho handed out presents to all Branch Chief´s, since he has now been leading NIKO for 20 years. He had made a special towel, for the oration, with inscriptions off this anniversary. All members expressed that the camp had been a great success,and they were all looking forward to see kancho in 2017 again. Kancho promised that he will be back for the camp in 2017.

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