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Hidenori Ashihara


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  • Invitation of The 6th Ashihara Sabaki World Championship in Kazakhstan

    To All branch chiefs and Members of NIKO I hope this letter finds you best off health and your branches are…
  • Visit Honbu from Shanghai

    Mr. Chin From branch of Shanghai is visiting Honbu. Welcome Ashihara Family Osu.…
  • To all branch chiefs of NIKO

    To All Branch Chiefs of NIKO We appreciate your support and encouragement during this past year. The nex…
  • Report of Summer Camp 2017

    Please read this report (by Bernhard Mikael Hansen). Sabaki Camp 2017 english final version …
  • 2017 Denmark Summer Camp Phots. We are great Family!!!

  • 2017 Open Champioship of Eurasia

    This year in 2017 in Kazakhstan the city of Astana, we hold the Open Championship of Eurasia. We are waitin…
  • Summer camp in Denmark 2017

    NIKO will held summer camp in Denmark. See you in Summ…
  • Open Eurasian Competition on Ashihara-Karate Among children and juniors 6-17 years Old

    October 24-26, 2015 in the Republic of Kazakhstan in Aktau (Mangistau region) …
  • SABAKI CAMP 2015 held in Denmark.

    This year again Kancho Ashihara visited Denmark for the international Summer camp. The camp was held at the Bo…
  • Anniversary of (Hideyuki Ashihara)

    Today April 24 is the anniversary of (Hideyuki Ashihara). Is not passed away on April 24, 1995, it will be th…

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